Comtempo – UI & UX Design – App & Website




In June 2016, I joined the Comtempo team with the responsibility for creating new user interface and user experience for the parking app and its website.


  • The app
    I was tasked with creating an smartphone app for drivers to be able to pay for their parking, buy pay as you go cellphone credits and read the newsletter. The app would display other services in the future, so each feature was planned to be scalable. I was to design the app including the navigation and interactions ensuring the design was in-line with the Comtempo branding and style.



  • The website
    I was also responsible for creating the new website, providing UX expertise and aligning the brand to create a newly transformed responsive platform. I worked closely with the content creation team to localise content and assets to fit within dedicated components. I designed the visual framework, pages and banners for the site and ensured consistency throughout as well as conducting QA reviews within each sprint. I also provided user experience recommendations and came up with solutions using global components for each layout to ensure consistency across all platforms.