Soluções – Visual Identity, UI & UX Design – Website

Soluções Gerenciamento e Projeto is an Engineering firm specialized in building safety and highly technical building requirements. The company is based on Belo Horizonte, Brazil and was founded over 10 years ago, having a wide range portfolio of clients on the building industry.

In March 2013, they approached me to design their brand and website. The main services included rebranding, complete stationery and responsive WordPress website.


  • Key features worked on
    I was responsible for creating the new website, providing UX expertise and aligning the brand to create a newly transformed responsive platform.


  • Team work and stakeholders management
    I worked with various members of the project team and the business to understand the business requirements for new features or enhancements, understanding any technical or process constraints, analysing any existing customer feedback and/or analytics.


  • Buy in and sign off
    I presented UX and design to both internal teams and the business, from exploration stage to final sign off. Collating and balancing UX and design feedback from stakeholders with different priorities, as well as internal team  and coming up with solutions that meet these needs without compromising on a positive user experience.